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Hugging Face

AlphAI includes many useful integrations with Hugging Face's open source libraries and AI community. Check out what you can do below

import os
from alphai import AlphAI

aai = AlphAI()

Estimate Memory Requirement

Fun fact: the number of parameters you see in a the name of the model i.e. 3B, 7B, 40B, can easily be converted into a rough estimate of the minimum GB required for your GPU VRAM. Just mulitply by the number by 2 if the parameter dtype is float16 or by 4 if float32!

We've got a fun little helper function to estimate it without even loading the model.


Run Generate

You can run local LLMs on GPUs, and we integrate with many open source Hugging Face models.

output = aai.generate("I need a python function that generates the fibonacci sequence recursively.")

Memory Requirement

Now you can get a fairly more accurate size of the model and memory requirement now that the model is loaded.